Professional Women’s Group of Northern Arizona is excited to offer you the opportunity for a win-win sponsorship. Your business will be recognized for facilitating opportunities for individuals to promote and share their businesses, services, ideas, knowledge and expertise with one another as well as fund the Professional Women’s Group of Northern Arizona’s Scholarship Fund. With your sponsorship your will have your business will be promoted at our events and on our website. At this time, we are averaging over 80 business leaders at our events and have over 650 leaders on our supporters list.     See complete details and benefits.

Note: Sponsorship requests are required every year for new and/or continuing sponsorships.


PdonatedoorprizeWG strives to provide as many alternatives as possible for businesses to network which includes offering Door Prizes. Door Prizes are an excellent opportunity for you to get your business or service noticed by others. Door prizes are highly encouraged from everyone, whether you are a sponsor or an attendee – it’s a great business promoter. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Door Prize Guidelines

A set number of prizes are accepted for each month’s luncheon. If more prizes are received than required, the donated raffle prizes will be kept for the next luncheon.

For each donated item, please include a brief description including your name, your business, and the dollar value of your raffle donation. (i.e. Jane Smith, Smith Publications, One free ad, $150 OR Jane Smith, Smith Publications, Dinner for Two at specific restaurant, $60).

Please bring your gift with you to the luncheon. We will announce the winner and you will present it to them. This way you get to make direct contact and exchange information. Last minute raffle prizes will not be included in that day’s raffle, but will gladly be accepted for the next month’s luncheon. Exceptions will be made for featured sponsors or speakers only.

All donated door prizes must be a true gift with no strings attached (monetarily or otherwise). A donated raffle prize will have no purchase required now or after acceptance of the initial prize. (No raffle prizes for 50% off, etc). Door prize must be a true prize. Offering a service that usually leads to purchasing product that was used for that service will not be allowed. I.e. an esthetician offering a facial is a violation as it is expected that the person receiving the facial will buy some of the product. Offering a facial and including a free lotion or serum with it will be allowed.

Door prizes donated do not have to be directly related to your business (i.e., a therapist can donate a vase. The donation does not have to be related to therapy or the donor’s business.)

If you win your own donated door prize at the event, you will receive the next prize and another number will be called. If you donated the last prize and your number is called, we thank you for your donation and another number will be called.


A Door Prize recipient can not place the prize they just won back into the drawing

If a Door Prize can not be used it may be transferred to another individual after the PWG networking event. If a Door Prize is transferred to another individual (attendee, friend, family member, or someone you work with please share the donor’s information and promote their business so that they are recognized for their generosity of donating to a PWG networking event.

Thank you for you consideration. [/read]


submitspeakerclickPWG is always looking for dynamic speakers for our events. Our goal is to have women presenters that stimulate learning, engage the participants, and inspire action. If you know someone who can contribute to the empowerment of professional women in the Verde Valley, you can let us know know by completing the Suggest a Speaker Form.

If you are a professional speaker who would like to be considerespeaker applicationd for a speaking engagement with PWG, please complete the Speaker Application Form.

What we look for in a speaker:

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* Audience engagement * Speaking event experience * Knowledge and personality to present in front of a large group * A desire to share information to advance the skills of others * Topics that are interesting, educational, motivational, informative and fun[/read]

Opportunities for a speaker:

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* An enthusiastic group of professional women * Promotion on our website and in event communication to the community * Opportunity to distribute promotional material to all attendees * 40 minutes to present your topic – including Q & A * A table to display promotional/marketing materials * Opportunity to sell product after the event * A delicious lunch[/read]

About our events

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Past events have been attended by 60 – 80 professional women

If you are or know someone who fits PWG speaker criteria fill out the Suggest a Speaker Form. If you are a speaker and want to be considered for an event, fill out the Speaker Application Form.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!




PWG continues to grow and expand. It is an all volunteer effort to help support inspire and empower women to action. You’ve heard the phrase “Many hands make light work” – well we are growing and we are in need of extra hands. If you would like to help contribute to this fantastic business to business interaction PWG has created you are invited to lend a helping hand.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]


PWG needs individuals to serve on committees that help our organization grow and improve.  Please watch for notification of Committee opportunities.  We welcome you experience and expertise.


To meet the needs of PWG’s growth and gain fresh perspectives as well as develop a pool of future board members we are forming an Ambassador subcommittee of the PWG Board. PWG Ambassadors will work with the Board and volunteer at our luncheons to help make things run smoothly. This group will meet, assign tasks, present ways to improve our events, and help ensure a great environment.

We need Event help

– Greeters
– Registration
– Raffle
– Handout sponsor bags
– Photographer

We helping hands for Setup and Take Down

– Place sponsor banners on wall
– Fill sponsor bags
– Receive the caterer
– Place signage
– Wipe down tables
– Vacuum the facility
– Toss out any material left behind [/read]