requestsponsorshipclickPWG is excited to offer you the opportunity for a win-win sponsorship. Your business will be recognized for facilitating opportunities for individuals to promote and share their businesses, services, ideas, knowledge and expertise with one another. In addition, your business will be promoted at our events and on our website. At this time, we are averaging over 80 business leaders at our events and have over 550 leaders on our supporters list.Read more


PdonatedoorprizeWG strives to provide as many alternatives as possible for businesses to network which includes offering Door Prizes. Door Prizes are an excellent opportunity for you to get your business or service noticed by others. Door prizes are highly encouraged from everyone, whether you are a sponsor or an attendee – it’s a great business promoter. Read more


submitspeakerclickPWG is always looking for dynamic speakers for our events. Our goal is to have women presenters that stimulate learning, engage the participants, and inspire action. If you know someone who can contribute to the empowerment of professional women in the Verde Valley, you can let us know know by completing the Suggest a Speaker Form.

If you are a professional speaker who would like to be considerespeaker applicationd for a speaking engagement with PWG, please complete the Speaker Application Form.

What we look for in a speaker:

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Opportunities for a speaker:

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About our events

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volunteerPWG continues to grow and expand. It is an all volunteer effort to help support inspire and empower women to action. You’ve heard the phrase “Many hands make light work” – well we are growing and we are in need of extra hands. If you would like to help contribute to this fantastic business to business interaction PWG has created you are invited to lend a helping hand.Read more